style guide

A Session Captured By Natasha: I love helping women find their confidence & best selves. 


I capture women of all ages, sizes, ethnicity; women of various careers and based in cities near and far from my studio. Shy, Silly, Sexy, Sporty, and Serious women have all been at my studio & whatever your personality may be, it deserves to be captured!


I feel beyond lucky to help women change their self-perception by showing them beautiful images of themselves. 


Tip # 1

Bralette & Pantie: Pick a basic Bralette & Pantie. Either a simple black or white will do! Also, pick out another option, maybe your favorite color or a pop of color; This way you can mix & match with your Black/White basic pantie.

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Tip # 2:

Bodysuits: A Bodysuit with high cut thighs make your legs look longer and your booty look rounder. Undies can simply be pulled up at an angle to create this effect. Cheeky panties always make the booty look rounder. Boyshort cuts create the opposite effect.

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Photo by: @natasha.glenn |

Tip # 3:

Oversized Sweater: Photos with an oversized sweater or t-shirt with basic undies and thigh-high socks is a super cute look! It can start out the shoot in an easy way because you’re more covered and comfortable. It also tells a good story to your photos starting out in an ‘everyday outfit’ and ending up naked in the sheets ha! Sheet photos are obvs not required, but they’re always everyone’s favs!

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Tip # 4

Bathing Suits: Swimsuits are just as sexy as lingerie…in fact sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between the two. So if your beach vibe is just as sexy as your bedroom vibe, let’s shoot it! Bring your favorite swimsuits to your session, we will have fun I promise.

I’ve always struggled with a good swim fit and then I found Cupshe if you need options.

Photo by: @natasha.glenn |

Tip # 5

Options: If you’re unsure, bring a good variety to your shoot. Keep the tags on and return what you don’t wear. I will help you choose the best pieces for your session!


Makeup/Hair: I highly recommend professional makeup during your session. For hair, a natural wave or straight down works great! You can always throw your hair in a messy bun/pony-tail to change up the look. You may bring your makeup artist/hairstylist to the shoot to change your look, but remember your session is based on continuous-time, so if more time is needed for complete changes…time must be added before your session. 


Tip # 6

Be Yourself: Sometimes we start the session off with your own unique style. Avoid wearing any tight clothing while you are headed to the studio, tight jeans/shirts/jewelry can make indents in the skin and it will show in your photos.


What Not To Bring to Your Session: 

  • Babydoll lingerie, these are unflattering to any body shape & don’t photograph well.
  • Shoes are unnecessary for this type of shoot, and one less thing you need to worry about. 
  • An entourage; 1 cheerleader is acceptable but your entire fan base is too distracting. *Unless you scheduled a bridal party session, no more than one friend is allowed to the session. 
  • A negative attitude: Only positive vibes are allowed inside the studio, and if you say I hate my… I feel fat… I don’t like…Remember this session is about the best you, I will show you a variety of images & you will be able to select your favorites! 

That’s about it, happy shopping and look forward to capturing your session!