The Groom’s Reaction!

The Groom’s Reaction!

The Groom’s Reaction

Have you ever wondered what a groom’s reaction might be after seeing his wedding day gift? Even better, want to see what a groom’s reaction is to his wife secretly doing a boudoir shoot and then not finding out about it until the wedding day. 


The anticipation gets me all excited too, I love when I get to witness this moment too…almost there!

Well look no further… here is the groom’s reaction to seeing the boudoir session his wife did for him as a surprise. 

Here is a little preview of what he just saw. The Little Black Book with 12 stunning images of Miss J, an 8×8 Signature Album with 20 more images, and all the luxury images in 4×6 print.

If Glenn Pictures wasn’t able to capture the surprise, please send me your personal images to share. Let’s help show other ladies what reactions are possible by them booking a boudoir session.




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